Working as a partner with some of the biggest and most recognizable nonprofit organizations in the country, we help boost fundraising dollars and donations through comprehensive electronic payment processing options. By offering charities, churches and educational organizations the opportunity to accept credit cards and electronic checks, we help facilitate more contributions and timely tuition payments when applicable.

Imagine your fundraising staff being able to take payments for goods, register event participants and place orders from one integrated software platform. Would you like to accept tuition without having the payee present or allow absentee church members the option to tithe from wherever they choose? Allowing donors to give as they prefer, electronic payment solutions naturally boost the number of donations and their dollar amount.

At Americard, our payment processing company works with a variety of nonprofit organizations, providing the most innovative payment processing services available. We’ll integrate our payment processing services with your accounting software for error-free tax and bookkeeping needs as well.

With no setup fees and 24-hour support, we strive to offer the sensible and affordable merchant services, customized to the needs of your nonprofit organization. Find out more about our discounted rates and package services by calling our client care team today.





Debit cards

Swiped or keyed-in: .80% Swiped: 2.75%; Keyed: 3.50% Swiped: N/A; Keyed: 2.90% Swiped: 2.70%; Keyed: 3.50%

Credit cards

Swiped: 1.89%; Keyed-in: 2.29% Swiped: 2.75%; Keyed: 3.50% Swiped: N/A; Keyed: 2.90% Swiped: 2.70%; Keyed: 3.50%

ACH Checks

 $1.50  N/A   N/A   N/A


 $15.00  $0.00   $0.00   $0.00

Mobile App

 No Cost  1.50  2.00  1.50

POS System

 Free  2.000$

Next Day Funding

 No Cost

Online Portal