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Ecommerce Payment Processing

With US online sales reaching more than $335 billion in 2015, the need for convenient, simple and secure e-commerce payment options is more important than ever. Industry experts predict that e-commerce sales will continue to climb, rising to more than $520 billion by 2020. If you’ve even slightly considered selling your products online, the time to do so is now.

With more and more profit margins being fortified through e-commerce sales, merchants choose an internet sales platform to reach new customers on a national and even global scale. Our electronic payment solutions fortify your bottom line by securing the future of your business.

Although there are endless possibilities for payment processing services available online, your business needs a secure, easily-navigated, and payment solution.

Without offering electronic payment, you’ll inadvertently turn away customers, losing not only that immediate sale but the opportunity for any future sales as well. Internet-savvy buyers expect to pay for their desired purchases without friction or hassle. If you can’t provide an easy checkout process, you’ll lose that customer.

How Americard Supports Your E-Commerce Business

Providing full-service credit card processing, we can help your business seamlessly integrate the full functionality of today’s most cutting-edge technologies, assisting you in your ability to create a hassle-free experience for your online customers.

Because our systems are scalable, any size of business can enjoy reliable and secure web transactions with our payment processing services. With customizable features and applications available, our payment solutions company can ensure a headache-free setup and system implementation. By using our quick and easy process, your online payment processing services should be up and running within a few business days.

Our e-commerce software solutions not only provide credit card processing functions but can also help you set up your online store. We can help you embed products without the use of scripts, specialty programs or other complicated technologies.

Discover the world of possibilities offered by today’s e-commerce capabilities now. Call one of our authorized Americard sales consultants now for more information.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A Pleasure

Was a pleasure dealing with Sol! He helped us thru the whole process is getting our account approved! We are now fully functioning.

- FA


Everything worked exactly as advertised. Customer service was fantastic and setup was very easy. Choosing the right credit card processing solution can make or break your business, and I am very happy with my service. Americard is a good fit for every business.

- Veronica S.

Great Service

Great customer service. They have a great rate and very pleased. I highly recommend giving them a try.

- Moishe K.

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No matter which service you choose, Americard lets you accept credit cards without making a big dent in your margins. Confusing discount rates and merchant pricing can make it difficult for merchants to compare competitive quotes and choose the best program for their business.

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