Take the inconvenience out of accepting paper checks as payment with Americard’s industry-leading check guarantee and conversion services. By allowing you to more happily accept your client’s checks, you’ll give them just one more reason to remain your loyal customer.

Avoiding chargeback liability and insufficient funds, our check processing services mean risk-free, same day processing and less trips to the bank to make deposits.

By converting paper checks into electronic payments, Americard’s payment processing services allow you to be able to accept checks as easily, conveniently and safely as credit or debit card payments. Processing your checks from the privacy of your own office, your funds are transferred into your business checking account within five days.

Check processing services by Americard allow you to:

  • Accept checks by phone/fax/internet
  • Auto-collect NSF fees
  • Enjoy online reporting
  • Pay vendors with electronic checks
  • Auto-redeposit bounced checks
  • Easily collect recurring payments
  • Integrate your payment software and website portals

With next-day access to funds and little to no setup fees, our electronic check conversion and guarantee programs allow merchants like you to accept checks without hassle or risk. Find out more about adding check conversion to your payment options package by contacting our team of experts today.