Unless you are over the age of seventy or you live under a rock, then you probably own a smartphone. Smartphones have made our lives so much easier in a variety of ways. We can use our cell phones as alarms and as our personal appointment trackers. Our phones can help navigate us safely to unknown locations while also playing our favorite song list. Thirty years ago, who would have ever thought that our cell phones could be used to help us find a new restaurant or to remind us of an upcoming appointment?

One of the greatest perks of cell phones are the myriad of apps that they offer. These apps are designed to simplify certain processes and make goods, services, and information as accessible as possible. Here at Americard Payment, we offer app-based mobile payment processing so that making, receiving, and processing payments is as easy and accessible as possible. Today, we would like to discuss some of the ways in which apps have made our lives easier.


Taxi Services

Back in the day, hailing a taxi could be an absolute nightmare. Unless you lived in New York City, you most likely had to call a taxi company to request a taxi. Sometimes you would have to wait hours for a taxi and sometimes they would never even show up. You also had to have cash on hand in order to pay a taxi driver, so if you didn’t have any cash, you would have to make an extra stop at an ATM. If you were taking a taxi late at night, this could be dangerous.

However, apps like Uber and Lyft have made finding a taxi easier than ever. All you have to do is type in your location and request a driver, and your ride usually shows up in a timely manner. Another great perk about using services like Lyft or Uber is that you can pay using your debit or credit card, so no more scary late night ATM visits.

Pizza Delivery

Honestly, ordering a pizza was never a difficult process to begin with, but apps simply make it easier and more efficient. Back in the day, you had to call the pizza company and order over the phone and notify them if you would be using a card to pay. However, by using an app from your favorite pizza company, you never even have to make a call. You can also add any special instructions for the driver if you live in an area that is tricky to access. When you use an app to order pizza, you can simply make a payment through the app and shorten the transaction between you and the delivery person. When you’re hungry, you don’t want to wait for your pizza any longer than you have to.

Exercise Classes

Through apps such as MindBody Online and Schedulicity, attending an exercise class is easier than ever. Not only do you have direct access to the gym’s schedule, but you can also book a spot in the class you want to attend and make payments. We create enough excuses to not go to the gym, so this makes it even harder to not attend that exercise class.

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