With major retailers across the globe shutting their doors it’s more important than ever for you digitize your retail store. Digitizing your store goes far beyond setting up a website and can help you run all parts of your business more efficiently. Check out some great ways you can digitize your retail store and reach more potential customers.


  1. Set up an Email System

Email is a fantastic way to get your promotions, message, and other content in front of your targeted audience. Start by collecting your customer’s emails and asking people to subscribe to your email list on your website or social media pages. Then you can send out holiday promotions, different sale information, product information and so much more to keep your contacts engaged with your business.


  1. Transfer or Start an Online Loyalty Program

Customers love to get things in return for their purchases whether that be small gifts or discount codes. Loyalty programs are easy to set up online and allow you to track buyer behavior and encourages buyers to purchase from you more frequently. You can integrate your loyalty program and your email system together sending email reminders urging your customers to use their points.


  1. Switch your inventory and tracking over to a digital space

Opt for digital solutions that will keep track of inventory and update as products sell. Digital solutions will send you alerts when products are low and help you and your staff keep much better track of your inventory and sales. Your point of sale system offers inventory count features reducing time and chances for human errors in your inventory records.


  1. Send receipts via email

Another way to select your customer’s email is to offer email receipts. When customers are checking out most will prefer to have their receipt emailed to them and you can then ask if they’d like to opt into your email subscription to receive special promotions. You’ll also be reducing paper waste and costs associated with printing receipts.


  1. Get a User-Friendly POS System

Accomplishing all of these and more is possible with a user-friendly POS Sytems from Americard Payment. With Americard Payment’s credit card processing services you can customize your POS to meet the needs of your business. The Retail CRE system is designed for brick and mortar businesses delivering retailers payment options, inventory tracking, timecard management, and customers marketing services all in one system.