1. Helpful Tips For Opening A Coffee Shop

    At Americard Payment, we provide a variety of different small businesses with payment processing solutions tailored to their specific and unique business needs. Years ago, mobile payment processing was not as common as it is today, but we adapted with the changes in technology to provide you with the latest mobile processing equipment. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American dream, and …Read More

  2. How Apps Have Made Our Life Easier

    Unless you are over the age of seventy or you live under a rock, then you probably own a smartphone. Smartphones have made our lives so much easier in a variety of ways. We can use our cell phones as alarms and as our personal appointment trackers. Our phones can help navigate us safely to unknown locations while also playing our favorite song list. Thirty years ago, who would have ever thought th…Read More

  3. Businesses That Benefit From Mobile Payment Processing

    Here at Americard Payment, we serve a variety of establishments. Our payment solutions company assists both ecommerce business owners, brick-and-mortar establishments, and mobile businesses. With the massive advances in technology, the amount of mobile businesses are on the rise. Today, we would like to discuss the different types of businesses that benefit from our mobile payment processing servi…Read More