If you run a small retail business that offers goods or services, a solid a point-of-sale (POS) equipment is one of those simple yet incredibly effective technologies that can save you a lot of money and efforts. A good POS equipment for small business is a robust, high-tech solution that works within a payment processing terminal to bring innovation, efficiency, and style to your business. A fundamental investment for any online or physical retail store, Americard POS equipment for business can make your daily tasks easier and more meaningful, help you track all the data needed to plan your marketing strategies, and increase your efficiency and revenues.

Since 1990, Americard Payment is the leading company in North America for POS equipment for business & rental POS equipment for the business. From restaurants & eateries to e-commerce, mail order and retail stores, we provide a wide range of superior, cost-effective solutions that focus on customer needs. We don’t just provide standard one-size-fits-all services. We build long-lasting relationships.

Let’s have a look at how a good POS Tech equipment for business can save you money and increase your revenues:

Keeping track of your inventory

Even if you run a small-sized retail store, keeping proper track of thousands of items in your inventory can be a serious burden. Many business owners need to hire a warehouseman to manage this dreadful, yet extremely necessary activity. A fully-integrated POS equipment can simplify and streamline this process saving you unnecessary expenses, time and effort. Careful inventory management might, in fact, increase your net profits by up to 50%.

Collecting data to improve your efficiency

Many POS solutions automatically track and collect all your business data such as sales data, number of customers, discounts, items sold, and daily reports. All this data can provide you with terrific feedback to fully understand your business’ strengths and weaknesses. Instead of just relying on your “instincts” like old-school shopkeepers you can now sort through all these numbers in a few seconds. A solid Americard POS equipment is vital to define your marketing strategies, optimize the performance of your business, and help your employees do their job more efficiently.

Improving customer experience

Americard POS equipment for small business comes with many of specifically-designed features made to improve your customer experience and enhance the last impression a customer gets of your store. For example, your clients may check their order status in real time and make their reservations online, or be enticed by convenient next-week-only promotions. Gift cards and loyalty programs can be easily set up, and contribute to increasing your clients’ engagement.


With almost 30 years of combined experience in the payment service industry, Americard is the nationwide leader in the POS equipment & rental POS equipment for small business. Customer care is always our priority. You are our number one priority. Contact us today, and together we will work to find the best solution to reduce your costs and increase your revenues.