Retail business and shop owners know how important is to streamline and optimize their customer-care processes. New technologies such as the latest point-of-sale (POS) systems are often a terrific solution to improve efficiency, create seamless checkouts, reduce the workload and add innovation and style to your business. A solid POS system for retail stores can make all the difference in the world, and it’s a vital investment to help you track your marketing data, manage your inventory and bolster the bottom line.

Americard POS system for retail shops brings its top-notch technology to create an all-encompassing, user-friendly environment that will help you save both money and efforts. Since 1990, we are the leading company in North America for POS systems – we provide a full line of the highest quality, cost-effective solutions to help merchants day after day. Just choose the perfect one that perfectly suits your needs, and you will be amazed by its impressive ease of use.

Improving your inventory management

Our cutting-edge solution boasts an amazingly efficient, fully customizable inventory management software that will help you keep track of every item inside your retail store. All retail shops must keep track of thousands of items, and precious money is lost every time something slips through the cracks. Americard’s POS system for retail stores allows for finely-tuned, careful inventory management, and will help you reduce inventory shrinkage and increase your net profits by a significant margin.

Enhancing customer experience

Enhancing your customer relationships is mandatory if you want to be a successful business owner, but for customer-facing industries, this is an even more important aspect. Americard POS system for retail shops offers a wide range of customer marketing options in one simple and accessible computerized system. From reducing customer checkout time, to setting up loyalty programs and gift cards, our modern cash register device will leave a long-lasting, positive last impression to every customer that comes to your store.


From collecting useful data to improving your customer service and inventory management, Americard POS system for retail stores and shops combines 30 years of combined experience in one convenient and comprehensive package. Contact us today to know more about the most all-encompassing system that can easily be customized to your unique needs.

You’re not just buying a solid technological solution: You’re buying innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.