Let’s face it: there is simply no better compliment in the business world than a referral. A referral tells you that you’re on the right track, that your high goals of stellar customer service are being met and that you’re appreciated for what you do. Honestly, there’s just no denying the pride we feel when we’re contacted by a potential customer who had been referred to them by one of our clients. And we want to pay you back for the honor of you referring your friends or colleagues.

Our Referral Rewards Program

Should a referral that you sent actually sign a contract with our payment processing company, you’ll receive a $100 bonus. You don’t need to actually be a business owner to enjoy your reward nor do you have to upgrade or extend your merchant account in any way. We just appreciate the nod of approval and want to extend a thank you for trusting our payment solutions company with the reference.

If you believe a business colleague, a friend or even a family member can benefit from our payment processing services, simply fill out the form with the necessary information, or have them call us for their own personal consultation. Our payment processing company can take it from there.

Again, thank you for your ongoing business – we hope we continue to do everything we can to keep earning your loyalty.