When you work for yourself, accepting only cash or checks as payment limits your clientele. Nowadays, many people do not carry cash or checkbooks around, leaving credit and debit cards as the most convenient payment method. Perhaps you have shied away from accepting credit and debit card payments in the past because of the processing fees associated with them. Although a small percentage of credit card payments are deducted from your final sale, you miss out on greater amounts of money by refusing credit card payments. In the past, you needed a credit card machine to accept credit card payments, but now you can easily accept credit card payments from your smart phone. Our payment solutions company features a wireless payment processing service with Clover Mobile®.

What Types of Businesses Benefit from Clover Mobile?

Clover Mobile benefits any small business and offers a particular advantage to people constantly on the move. If you have a canoe rental business in the outdoors or a dog walking business, this payment device is perfect for you. Clover Mobile features an app that you download so that you can accept payments whenever and wherever you desire. Clover Mobile is perfect for any small business.

The Clover Mobile App

When you download the Clover Mobile App, it processes all kinds of card payments. Whether your client is using a chip card, a debit card, or a standard credit card, you will be able to accept their payments. Clover Mobile does more than simply accept your payments; you can create employee schedules and track your inventory through this app as well.

side-banner_mobile1Clover Mobile Offers Protection

Clover Mobile partnered with TransArmor Solution to offer you built-in fraud protection. This allows both you and your client protection. Gaining your client’s trust is invaluable, and now you don’t have to worry about losing a client due to somebody else’s fraudulent activity.

Cloud-Based Software

The reason that Clover Mobile can be used anywhere and at any time of the day is due to its cloud-based technology. Granting you the freedom to work anywhere, you can use Clover Mobile to access your information from any location.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Using our Clover Mobile app, you can create customer reward programs. By rewarding your most loyal customers, you ensure that they keep coming back to you. Word of mouth travels quickly with happy clients, which helps you to attract new clients as well.

Cut Back on Lines

Small businesses can be hit hard by an influx of customers, especially when there is only one register in the store. With Clover Mobile, you can cut back on lines by checking customers out with a mobile device. Some customers do not have the patience to wait in long lines, so Clover Mobile helps you rack in more sales.

If you are a small business owner, why wouldn’t you want to boost your sales? Clover Mobile is one of our best options for merchant services credit card processing available. Contact our payment solutions company to learn more today!