Imagine having a reliable, renewable source of charitable funds that your organization doesn’t have to actively seek out month after month. Would your organization like to utilize an established support network to generate donations that actually cost them nothing?

You can make these wishes a reality by signing up your community partners with our Partnerships for Charity program.

How it Works

On every sales transaction, where a debit or credit card was used as payment, a small fee is charged to the merchant. This fee is divided between the credit card company and the payment processing service, such as Americard. Under the Partnerships for Charity program, the businesses that you sign up simply agree to use us as their payment processing company. Our payment solutions company donates a portion of those fees, which the businesses are paying anyway, to your nonprofit organization. Simply sign up businesses that have been your supporters in the past and they can continue to keep doing so, at no extra cost to them.

Furthermore, our payment processing company is confident in our ability to deliver unparalleled customer care and reliable services that exceed every expectation. Our payment solutions company offers merchants affordable, comprehensive and cutting-edge payment processing and merchant services. We’ve been serving businesses, in all industries, of all sizes, for decades and we continue to offer knowledge, expertise and customized products and packages that lead the industry.

For more information about our program, contact our non-profit division today.