Are you interested in opening up your own restaurant and you don’t know where to begin? One of the best decisions that you can make is to install a point of sale system (POS). Most restaurants in the US today use a POS system. Our payment solution offers the Restaurant Pro Express­TM  for our restaurant companies. Only a handful of restaurants in the country refuse to use a POS and only accept cash payments. Unfortunately for them, they are missing out on sales by refusing to use modern technology. Let’s discuss the benefits of using a POS system:

More Customers

If you only accept cash payments, many customers will pass up on dining in your establishment. The majority of people today do not carry cash around and would rather not seek out an ATM (and potential ATM charges) in order to eat at your restaurant. On the other hand, POS systems easily and efficiently process card payments, boosting your sales. Our POS system even allows customers the flexibility to pay their checks from a mobile device at the table, saving valuable time. After all, time is money, so using a POS system is a win-win situation.

More Accurate Payment Processing

Using a POS system cuts down on human error. The computer adds the total for you, and printed receipts are far easier to read than some handwritten receipts. Less human error means that you save your business money. POS systems also cut down on any communication issues between the wait staff and the kitchen. The less food that is sent back to your kitchen means less money wasted. By using a POS system, you save your establishment money.

side-bannerSplitting Tickets

One of the best advantages of a POS system is the ease in which tickets can be split. Back in the day, splitting the tickets of a large group was a time-consuming nightmare. Not only was splitting a ticket by hand time consuming, but it was easy to mess up the math. POS systems simplify the process by doing the math for the wait staff. With the growing use of cards as the preferred method of payment, POS systems are game changers. Customers appreciate the flexibility of payment options and will be more likely to come back to your restaurant again.

Inventory Tracking

One of the biggest challenges of a restaurant is controlling food costs, but POS systems help track inventory. With a POS system, management can track restaurant inventory and the methods in which inventory is used. Tracking food inventory is essential because many foods have a limited shelf life, so food must be used while it is still fresh. By using a POS system, you are less likely to waste food, which means that you are wasting less money.

If opening a restaurant is your dream, then go for it! Our payment solutions company offers the best POS programs on the market. While you create culinary delights, you can leave the payment processing services to us. Contact us today to learn more about our online merchant services.