Gain access to working capital now with the Americard Payment Processing cash-in-advance program. Working as your partner, we’ll help you avoid the hassle and frustrating wait of a traditional business loan by simply offering you a lump sum of cash that is based on the business you already do with us.

Unlike traditional lenders, our payment processing company isn’t concerned with what you need the cash for. You’re in business to stay in business, and we understand that access to working capital is imperative for your daily operations. Our payment solutions program is meant to help you keep doing what you do without interrupting your business or harming your profits.

Here’s how it works:

You decide on the amount you need. You basically “sell” that dollar amount to us in future credit card sales.

We send you that lump sum in cash, immediately, to be used as you see fit.

Whenever you run a customer’s credit card through our payment processing system, a small percentage is collected from each sale until the repayment amount is fully met.

You’ll receive monthly statements detailing your account status, your remaining balance, and how much you received from each sale.

Once the repayment has been fully collected, you’ll be eligible to initiate another cash-in-advance term again if needed.

Qualifying is easy and convenient by simply proving that you’ve been in business for 12 consecutive months, and demonstrating that your monthly credit card transactions total more than $2,500.

Call our cash-in-advance team to find out more and to gain access to working capital as early as tomorrow in some cases.