As a small business owner, it’s imperative that you accept credit cards wherever you go. In the past, you needed a credit card processing machine in order to take credit card payments. However, in today’s modern world, you can accept credit cards without even having a credit card machine. Think about it; when you buy something online, no one will show up at your house with a credit card machine in order for you to make a purchase. You simply enter your card information and the purchase is complete. For those of you with mobile businesses, our mobile payment processing at Americard could benefit you. Here are a few examples of mobile businesses that benefit from our mobile payment processing.

Food Trucks

When you own a food truck, your business could take you anywhere on any given day. When your business gets busy, you need a mobile payment processing solution that works quickly and easily. Our mobile payment processing systems are app-based so that payments, invoices, and records are all kept in one convenient place. When serving delicious food, you know how cranky customers become when they have to wait for long periods of time in order to eat. Our easy-to-use mobile payment processing service will keep your clients as happy as your food so that they will keep coming back for your delicious fare.

Farmer’s Market Booths

The days of only accepting cash payments are over, and accepting credit cards is easier than ever with our mobile payment gateway. If you are selling fruits, vegetables, and other food products, you want to sell as much inventory as possible to avoid food spoilage. If your food spoils, you lose money. By using our mobile payment processing solutions, you can sell as much inventory as possible and leave the market making a hefty profit.

Hair Stylists

If you work as an independent contractor and you rent a space to perform your hairstyling services, you will need the best mobile payment processing services available. In order to focus on your craft, you need a mobile payment gateway that’s simple and easy to use. Our app-based system allows for you to accept payments, keep track of tax payments, ad perform other bookkeeping functions using your smartphone.

Limo Drivers

As a limo driver, you transport people from point A to point B in the swankiest option available. You simply cannot count on your clients to pay for you in cash, and it’s too risky these days to accept check payments. When you provide your customers with the option of using card payments, you will both benefit. Your satisfied clientele will send more customers your way and your business will grow.  

Do you operate a mobile business? You could benefit from our app-based mobile payment processing services so that your business can grow and thrive. Contact Americard Payment for your mobile payment processing solutions today. We combine the highest-quality products and processes with the best customer service available. When we provide you with the best possible service, then you can provide your customers with the highest-quality service.