Here at Americard Payment, we serve a variety of establishments. Our payment solutions company assists both ecommerce business owners, brick-and-mortar establishments, and mobile businesses. With the massive advances in technology, the amount of mobile businesses are on the rise. Today, we would like to discuss the different types of businesses that benefit from our mobile payment processing services:

Food Trucks

Over the last ten years, many talented chefs have elected to open up a food truck rather than opening up a traditional restaurant. Not only are food truck delicacies considered some of the most delicious fare available, but these businesses have the freedom to go where customer demand takes them. When food trucks are swamped serving crowds of customers, they need a mobile payment processing service that is fast and efficient, and Americard Payment offers plenty of exceptional options.


While some hairstylists work for commission at salons, others are considered independent contractors, which means that they could technically work anywhere. Independent contractor stylists need a reliable mobile payment processing service in order to be paid quickly and easily anytime and anywhere. Many consider hairstylists to be absolute artists in the chair, which is why they need the easiest and most efficient payment processing system available. Americard Payment offers app-based systems to track payments, invoices, records, and more so that hairstylists can focus on their artistry.


Farmer’s Market Booths

Farmer’s market booths feature a variety of vendors, including local farmers as well as vendors selling condiments, arts and crafts, and more. No matter what it is that you are selling, you will always benefit from accepting credit card payments. With our app-based mobile payment processing systems, you will be able to sell more products by accepting credit card payments anywhere.

Yoga Instructors

Whether you are working at a studio or you are working at a client’s home, you can accept credit card payments easily with our app-based programs. More often than not, your clients will want to pay using their credit or debit cards, and many people no longer use checks as a form of payment. Our mobile payment processing makes accepting payments from the convenience of your smart phone easier than ever.

Limo Drivers

As far as professions go, there is no more mobile profession than the profession of driving a limousine. In our modern times, most people simply do not keep cash on hand as they go about their day. However, as a limo driver, you need to get paid, which is where mobile credit card processing comes in. With our mobile payment processing services, you can accept credit card payments no matter where you are picking up or dropping off your clients.

We love our mobile businesses, and we were only able to touch on a few examples. As we become even more increasingly mobile, we expect to see even more mobile businesses emerge. Americard Payment offers the best credit card processing services for your business needs. Contact Americard Payment today to learn more about our payment processing solutions.