1. How A Loyalty Program Benefits Your Business

    Reward programs have become so common that people almost expect companies to have them now. If your company has resisted starting a loyalty-type program, you're missing out on a benefit that could make life a lot easier for you. Passive Growth People like rewards and gifts, and successful loyalty programs offer some sort of reward to customers who continue to use your services or products. That me…Read More

  2. Traits Of Successful Small Business Owners

    You may work for a great company, but do you dream about opening up a business of your own? Working for yourself can be extremely rewarding although you will most likely experience some bumps on the road to success. Many people stay in their comfortable jobs and put their entreprenuer dreams on the backburner because they are afraid of failure. You’ll never know what you are capable of if you do…Read More

  3. Determining A Restaurant Concept

    Opening a restaurant can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in your lifetime. When you open a restaurant, you can finally be your own boss and pursue your creative interests. Do you have a passion for food and the entire dining experience? Starting your own restaurant is one of the riskiest business ventures that you can embark upon, but if you do in fact succeed, you could l…Read More

  4. Tips For Retail Businesses

    Are you tired of working for other people and want to start your own business? Perhaps you would like to open up a retail business, which buys goods and then sells them to the public. Whether you want to open a small retail shop or a larger retail business, you want to run it as successfully as possible. Americard Payment® provides retail businesses with payment processing services, ATM cash mach…Read More

  5. Common Mistakes Restaurants Make

    Opening a restaurant can be a risky venture, and as many as 55-60 percent of restaurants fail within a year of opening their doors. Unsuccessful restaurants often unwittingly make the same mistakes. As a restaurant owner, how can you avoid the common pitfalls of the industry? Awareness is key, so today we would like to discuss the common business mistakes of restaurants so that you don’t make th…Read More

  6. Tips For Running A Successful Restaurant

    Here At Americard Payment, we work with a significant amount of customer-facing businesses, which include a large number of restaurants. Opening a restaurant is considered both an exciting and a risky business venture. Some believe that as many as 90 percent of restaurants fail within their first year of opening, which is a myth. That said, as many as 55-60 percent of restaurants do experience fai…Read More