Offering a convenient source of cash for your customers and a revenue-generating opportunity for you, our on-site ATMs provide a number of benefits that many merchants often overlook. By providing you with durable, cutting-edge ATM cash machines, our payment processing company helps to increase your customer satisfaction and boost daily profits.

Every retail merchant has watched as a customer has walked out the door, unable to complete their purchase because of a declined debit or credit card, or a lack of cash. An on-site ATM helps you practically eliminate these lost sales by offering your customers convenient access to their money. Notifying passersby of your location’s ATM cash machine also presents an opportunity to attract more visitors inside, potentially increasing your sales.

How Does It Work?

With every ATM withdrawal, there is a surcharge to the card holder. As the merchant, you decide how much that surcharge will be. Americard takes a small portion of that surcharge for processing and management, but the rest goes into your own bank account! You’re able to boost your bottom line with no extra work on your part at all.

Offering everything from basic terminals to fully-customized multi-function ATMs, Americard can install the ATM that fits the footprint of your business and your customer’s needs. Backing up our equipment with the best technical support and service contracts in the industry, our payment processing company works to ensure that your downtime is minimized so that you are consistently making money. We also train your selected associates on their operation so that you can keep up on its proper functions. Finally, our periodic and easy-to-understand reports keep you abreast on the output and functions of your ATM and how it’s working for you.

Find out more by calling Americard Payment Processing and start making extra money!