By comprehensively researching your specific business needs, our team of expert payment processing service consultants design a customized merchant services package that covers all your electronic business applications while saving you money.

By using the following factors, we determine what payment processing solution works best for you in regards to your budget and business reporting requirements:

  • Type of business
  • Type of credit cards customers pay with
  • Swiping vs. hand keying
  • Processing volume
  • Average ticket
  • Bundled vs unbundled packages

Our years of industry experience gives us the fundamental knowledge needed to design and setup the most effective and efficient electronic payment processing packages for e-commerce, mobile and traditional brick-and-mortar enterprises.

With no annual fees and monthly costs starting at just $10.00 a month, our per-transaction fees for a typical business are as follows:

  • Debit cards – Swiped or keyed-in: .50%
  • Credit cards – Swiped: 1.89%; Keyed-in: 2.29%
  • ACH Checks – $1.50
  • Gateway – $15.00
  • Mobile App – No Cost
  • POS System – Free
  • Next Day Funding – No Cost
  • Online Portal – Free

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